Garbage Day 19
by G.Seymour
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News, Ramblings & Updates

One of the biggest challenges of Garbage Day, like Townies and The Green Room, is adapting what was meant to be a film, into a comic. It's fun as hell though, and I'm glad I'm finally doing it, after years of wanting to.

As for what's happening in East Corners, I'm currently working on a few new story lines, including two big ones. (One is a prequel to Townies, set back in 1998, and the other is the next chapter in the Nox vs. Jack Evil tale.)

Now for real life, I'll once again be selling stuff at the Stars and Skulls Crafty Craft Fair! Come visit Krista, Brett and myself at one of my favorite annual events! Hosted by the awesome Pioneer Valley Roller Derby!

- Seymour