Monty Frink
by G.Seymour
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So, this marks the first time in the 22 Things to Do comic that the first character I ever designed makes their official appearance.

I created Iggy Iguana years and years ago, probably when I was in fourth or fifth grade and really started getting into drawing. He developed from margin doodles to having a fully blown out story and adventures.

I never really knew how to incorporate him into the 22 Things to Do universe. I wanted to for years but never had a way to. I didn't want to introduce him as a pet of Nox, since that would be a little too... Garfield-esque for my taste. I had thought of using him as a popular children's cartoon, but I didn't like that there was a complete disconnect from the cast and East Corners in general.

Enter Monty Frink. Alumni of East Corners Community College. Web comic artist. Old friend of of Devon and Nox.

And answer to the problem.

You've seen her a couple times in the ECCC story lines, and you're about to see more of her and of Iggy coming up at GAX.

- Seymour